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Welcome to the Multiverse.

This sounds crazy - but for the last ten months we transformed the story of our beloved Bills into a gorgeous, action-packed adventure book. A once-in-a-lifetime passion project made by Bills Fans, for Bills Fans, to support Bills Fans.

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Our city and heroes face-off against 17+ weeks of villainous opponents; past droughts, through blizzards, and to the edge of the unthinkable. Imagine an award-winning Buffalo writer, supercharged by the a.i. art revolution, threw the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the NFL.

Because that's what happened.

The result? An unbillievable special edition book to smash onto your coffee-table.

This passion-project is made by Bills fans, for Bills fans, to support Bills fans. Your donation sends 50% of profits directly to the charity left behind by Ezra "Pancho Billa" Castro. A true hero.

Viva los Bills!

Let's breakdown the game plan:

You Give.

We Give.

You Get!

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You Give: If we raise $10,000 in 30 days we have the bare-minimum-funds required to send the book, custom t-shirts and other great incentives to print! All systems a go! (If we fail to reach our goal, you are refunded in full by Indiegogo within 5-7 business days).

We Give: 50% of the campaign's total profits (no matter how high it goes) will pass through us to the Pancho Packs initiative which provide backpacks of school supplies to students in need. The vast majority are delivered right here in Western New York, with some additional Pancho Packs going to Ezra's hometown, Ukraine, and other sudden crises zones.

You Get: Let's go Buffalo! Large or small we loaded up your wish-list and gift-list with these one-of-a-kind, high-quality local goods.

Citizen of Allentown:

Your Name is included for all-time in the donor list of this book.

Thank you! And welcome to the Buffalo Nation.

Included with any Donation Amount.

Postcards 660x440.png

Tourist of Allentown:

Premium Pack of 5 Postcards.

First-Class images to show off at home, in the cave, or on the open range.  $15

NASA 660x440.png

Space Cadet of Allentown:

M.A.F.I.A. Astronaut Shirt.

Explore the secrets of the universe or drink a beer in this stylish, super-soft tee. $35

World Tour 660x440.png

Artist of Allentown:

Mafia World Tour Shirt.

The greatest show on Earth goes international this season and deserves a tour-tee with legendary quality. This custom design is vintage-printed on the softest shirt we could find and features a raw-neck collar to distinguish you from the herd. $45

Mafia Cover Mockup Hero.png

Gunslinger of Allentown:

Hardcover Mafia Book.

Own the premium hardcover of one of the most unique artistic expressions to emerge from a sports season ever. Of course, it started in Buffalo.  $50

Your Image 660x440.png

Mafiafolk of Allentown:

Your A.I. Image published in the book.

The same technology and human artists behind the graphic novel invite you to submit your photos (or a special someone) for a reimagined portrait in the book and a one-of-a-kind keepsake print. Join the heroes of the Buffalo Nation for all time. This offer can be added on to any incentive. $65

NASA + Book 660x440.png

Star Lord of Allentown:

M.A.F.I.A. Astronaut Shirt & Hardcover Book Pack.

Bundle to save money—while still single-handedly funding a loaded "Pancho Pack" for a Buffalo neighbor. $75

World Tour + Book 660x440.png

Rock Star of Allentown:

Mafia World Tour Shirt & Hardcover Book Pack. 

Bundle to save money—while still single-handedly funding a loaded "Pancho Pack" for your Buffalo neighbor. $85

Legend Total 660x440.png

Legend of Allentown:

Exclusive Superfan Autographed Art, Mafia World Tour Shirt, & Hardcover Book Pack.

It's always been about the fans. Icons of the Bills Mafia autographed custom art portraits—but they are very limited—as few as 3 total in the world. Be one of the few to cherish our own: $135

  • "Pinto Ron"

  • "Bills Elvis"

  • "The Chefs"

  • "Hannabill"

  •  Bill Fichtner

Legend Total 660x440.png

Lieutenant General:

Superfan Autographed Art Full-Collection, Mafia World Tour Shirt, Hardcover Book Pack.

Be the only person in the Multiverse to own all five selected Superfan autographs on custom portraits in addition to our other premium offerings. 1 of 1. $500

  • "Pinto Ron"

  • "Bills Elvis"

  • "The Chefs"

  • "Hannabill"

  •  Bill Fichtner

Mayor 660x440.png

Mayor of Allentown:

Congratulations, Mayor! 

You are a featured character in the story, not simply a portrait, but a leader of this thriving Wild West town with multiple appearances. In order to enjoy your role, you naturally receive the Hardcover Book and the Mafia World Tour Shirt in addition. Oh, and Mayor, you've made a tectonic difference to Pancho Packs. 1 of 1. $2000