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Welcome to the Multiverse.

This sounds crazy - but for the last year we transformed the story of our beloved Bills into a gorgeous, action-packed adventure book. A once-in-a-lifetime passion project made by Bills Fans, for Bills Fans, to support Bills Fans.

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Buffalo's Own Comic Book.

Our city and heroes face-off against 17+ weeks of villainous opponents; past droughts, through blizzards, and to the edge of the unthinkable.

Imagine an award-winning writer re-imagining the Bills Story into an action-packed adventure in the style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the Great Drought & the discovery of a farmboy called  Josh of Allentown to the unbillievable quest to save Strongheart Hamlin; an origin story worthy of Buffalo is born.

The result? A 200-page, full-color hardcover book that is a once-in-a-lifetime gift and an essential collectable to smash onto your coffee-table.

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M.A.F.I.A. Space Cadet Shirt.

Explore the secrets of the universe or drink a beer in this stylish, super-soft tee.

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Mafia World Tour Shirt.

The greatest show on Earth goes international this season and deserves a tour-tee with legendary quality. This custom design is vintage-printed on the softest shirt we could find and features a raw-neck collar to distinguish you from the herd.

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Hardcover Mafia Book.

Own the premium hardcover of one of the most unique artistic expressions to emerge from a sports season ever. Of course, it started in Buffalo.

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"To showcase Buffalo, its history, culture, and potential with compelling truth and vibrant imaginations."

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Since 2010, when I was a film student at Buffalo State, I've had that quote beside my computer.

This was Pre-Buffalo-Renaissance, Mid-Drought, and if you remember, there was a lot of stigma here. People felt ashamed to admit their hometown. I felt like it was my job as a storyteller to help our culture push through that sludge and see the strengths we had, if not create something here that the 'winner-take-all-cities' didn't already have.

I built a career right here with that in mind, including a five-year stint making films for the Bills where I developed a love for the Mafia that was unrelenting in its strength, authentic, and with hearts for others - (even out-of-town charities!) - so much greater than our market-size should warrant.

This project came out of those two passions. And thousands of hours later -- learning new technologies, studying Bills games, working nights & weekends & super bowls, and filming a free launch video that should have been out of our league --
we are finally here.

We have something that is wholly unusual, unknown, ambitious, and, possibly, so rich it can't ever be made again. But it's ours, Buffalo.

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