Educational Package | Mother's Day

Educational Package | Mother's Day


"Mother's Day is highly recommended! A genuine perspective we don't always get to see of mental illness within a family context." - Dr. Daniel Fox, Ph.D


"The cinematography captures the chaos." - Katie Coric, Counselor


"We brought our whole staff." -Compeer Buffalo


This honest look into the behavior and impact of mental illness goes beyond passive entertainment. It is a tool. Lisence the full film with bonus features for your classroom, lecutre, panel discussion or employee training. We've collaborated with specialists in Psycology, Social Work, and Counseling - as well as dozens of service-providers - to develop meaningful discussion questions for your professional staff or students to transform this nearly non-fiction recreation into growth.


We've seen successful joint collaboration events with Psychology Departments and Film Programs as this unique continuous shot, innovative use of drone, and grassroots independent film financing are just the beginning. The "tell-all" documentaries included distill considerable information into classroom-sized videos. 


This lisence allows for unlimited streams of the film and special features by your educational institution or internally at your workplace for 18 months with a digital download of the discussion guide. This guide provides over 40 questions applicable to different educational contexts: Classroom / Service Providers (for individuals to apply and contextualize prior mental health training), Expert Panels (for a training team to lead a structured conversation with a larger group in attendance), Small Groups (for anyone who has seen the film to lead a meaningful reflection).


Shorter Clips of the film can be made available.


Our team finds great value in speaking with your group, or just to answer additional questions, so don't hesitate to contact us.