Community Screening | Mother's Day

Community Screening | Mother's Day


Win + win + win!

Mother’s Day has already transformed audiences with its heartfelt and meaningful portrayal of mental illness plus it has allowed dozens of Community Groups and Resource Providers to connect with - and most importantly - serve their audience.

But what is this? Well, we license the Award-Winning film for your group to present to the general public or a specific audience plus provide a professional discussion guide with over 40 questions to ensure a seamless conversation with your guests in any context. This includes Small Groups (for the general public to breakout & reflect together, no public speaking required), Educational / Service Provider (for deeper insight designed for people with prior mental health training), and Expert Panel (for a panel of speakers to host a meaningful discussion to be watched by the general public.)

The Expert Panel Discussion being the most popular in this context. That means a Conference or Mental Health Service Provider will host a screening of the film in a local theater, church or meeting space, then have key members of their team (or allied service providers) host a half-hour discussion with a Q & A following the film. Emotionally engaged audiences are eager to hear reflections on the film and learn about the resources your group or community can offer.

Beyond the significant value of branding at the event, tabling, and speaking directly to an open-minded audience - marketing directors love the secondary impact of their brand on totally customized fliers in the community, social media posts, videos and special features and engagement in community with word-of-mouth.

Some elect to gain goodwill by hosting the event free of charge and others prefer ticketed admission and still others earn income by partnering with other groups, volunteers and sponsors.

These events work with simple groups of small as a dozen guests but seamlessly scales to large-venue, revenue-generating events and conferences. Each with your group or company - and its valued impact - at the center.

Feeling shy or want to provide something special? Ask about a Guest Speaker to join your event!

Our small team of real people, the filmmakers themselves, would love to help you learn how we’ve done it successfully, both financially and in helping others, and how you can too.