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Buffalo Nickel Necklace

Buffalo Nickel Necklace


After Theodore Roosevelt took office in Buffalo due to the assassination of the President at the Pan-American Exposition, he began a campaign to improve the artistic state of American coinage. America's "most beautiful coin" became the Buffalo Nickel, minted during the height of Art Deco and one of Buffalo, New York's strongest eras: 1913 - 1938. It's no wonder this coin - with the buying power of $1.40 in 2021 dollars - became inextricably linked with the "Nickel City." The obverse depicts the right profile of a Native American. He is claimed to be modeled after Buffalo-born Chief John Big Tree of the Seneca Nation who was also a prolific actor at the time.


The handcrafted necklace - created by Blue Aura Jewelry Co. with authentic, rare coins from the last century - is crafted with high-quality clasps on brown leather chords which will soften and darken in time to match the one-of-a-kind necklace worn by Michael Charles Wagner in the 2021 film Mother's Day.


Let simplicity and history represent you and all it stands for.

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