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Blu-ray/DVD | Mother's Day

Blu-ray/DVD | Mother's Day


Add the Award-Winning Mother's Day to your Blu-ray or DVD collections and always have the best "Making of" content available at your fingertips.


Blu-ray technology allows for the true High Definition of the film to fill your screen with 45-minutes of carefully produced bonus content, including the secrets behind the opening drone shot. Viewers can also go inside the minds of Writer/Director Travis Carlson, Actors Lisa Ludwig & Michael Charles Wagner, and Cinematographer Aaron Rizzo in two feature-length audio commentaries. A whole new look into the continuous-shot film!


The DVD format is a Standard Definition presentation of the film offering only the two audio commentaries as bonus features.

  • Bluray Notice

    Not all Bluray players are made equal, unfortunately some models (they tend to be older) struggle or fail to play the discs. The discs are in full working order and play fine on other machines. But it's still sad, so if this occurs we just ask you to cover return shipping and we will refund your money or send you a DVD.

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